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If you are looking for a psychic reading, all you have to do is go online and do a search. There you will find countless pages of psychics with personal sites or working for companies that offer readings in all price ranges. They will offer many different types of readings so you can ask about dead relatives or a future husband. But while you are asking your questions, you may start to wonder if you these are real authentic psychics online.

Actually, there are authentic psychics online amid the many that are not. Sometimes finding a genuine one is just a matter of clicking the right link and stumbling upon someone that gives you a reading that blows your mind because of how accurate it is. Others times you may find yourself with a fake, who knows how to say the right things, but essentially has you do all the talking, making you feel like they are saying something.

When you are looking for a psychic, you have to keep in mind that all psychics are different. One may have the ability to talk to spirits but have no clue where your keys are. Another may be able to tell you the name of your future husband but has no ability to see who committed a certain crime. There are many different types of psychic ability and some have just one type while others many.

There are ways that one can test or be tested to determine if there is psychic ability in them. There is also a bit of controversy on tests, as some do not feel they can accurately determine a gift or not. And, the scientific community isn’t exactly a fan to these tests, as they cannot measure psychic ability like they can measure other things.

A multiple-choice test is designed with certain questions and personal topics in mind that are used to give a basic diagnosis. The problem with that is that many find it unfulfilling, it does not measure a true gift. Another test that is used is the psychic psi game. In this test, answers to predetermined questions are places in small boxes. The person being tested must then find the box that holds the correct answer when given a question.

A popular and famous test is the symbol test, or the Zenner cards test. Cards with colors or symbols on them are spread out in front of a person or held up and the tester mentally chooses one of the cards. The one being tested must then correctly guess which card has been chosen. This test is performed several times over and then the number of right responses is used to measure any ability.

There are a few that believe that all people have some kind of psychic gift in them, buried down that just needs to come out. Then there are others who feel that someone has it or they don’t, there is no learning. Whatever the case really may be, the real authentic psychics are out there, but it may take your own personal testing to weed out the real from the fake.

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